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On the Go Jasper Swag Bag, From Trail to Town

On the Go Jasper Swag Bag, From Trail to Town

May 18, 2016

The clean lines of the On the Go Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag make it easy to go for a walk and then head for coffee with friends without having to change bags. Wear the same bag all day as you transition from dog walking to errands to delivering kids. This bag easily holds the gear you need and looks good while doing so.

The fold over flap is handy for keeping your bag looking good while protecting the contents. No one is able to reach their hand in to help themselves to the contents keeping you safe. The zipper pocket on the front is great for storing keys, treats, tissue or anything you need quickly at hand.

On the Go Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag

Just inside the fold over flap is a large zippered pocket. You can store quite a bit in this pocket. I use it for treats, my keys, my phone and my sunglasses case. A small wallet would fit in here as well. I like that I can quickly access this pocket just by lifting the front flap up.

The inner compartment of the bag is quite spacious. I am able to carry my wallet, my camera, a ball, the leash as well as bags of dog waste with space to spare. I find the On the Go Swag Bag to be quite spacious. The polyester fabric seems to have quite a bit of give so it is not hard to fit things in. There is a zipper pocket inside this compartment where I store keys and other valuables. You can easily fit a Mini iPad in the bag as well so if you are heading to the beach or the park, you can have your entertainment along too. 

The side pockets work great to hold a water bottle, an umbrella, a flashlight, a ball and a ball launcher (not all at the same time). I find it is quite comfortable to wear the bag even with stuff in the side pockets. The bag doesn't tip or hang oddly even with the pockets full. The enclosed pocket is big enough to double as a treat pouch. With the cinch top it works great for quick access to treats and it is easy to wipe clean.

On the back of the dog walking bag there is a pocket to store dog waste bags and a portal through which you can easily access them. This pocket is so handy. Never worry about being without a bag again. No need to have them tied to the dog, the leash or you!

The On the Go Jasper Swag Bag is convertible from a cross body shoulder bag to a waist bag. You can wear the bag the way you prefer and still get all the benefits. If I were to participate in a training session, I would wear the bag around my waist and I would likely fold the front flap back so I had easy access to the larger front pocket for treats. I could have the ball inside the bag and pull it out for reward when necessary. I could also store the leash inside when we do off leash work so my hands are free to work with my dog. 

I really like the On the Go Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag. It is comfortable to wear. It is not too big but does hold a lot of stuff for a bag of its size. It is easy to access all of the pockets and it looks good. It is not just a bag for walking your dog but can easily be your go to bag for every day.

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