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Features of the On the Fly Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag

Features of the On the Fly Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag

How to Use Your On the Fly Jasper Swag Bag

The On the Fly Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag has many pockets and features that may or may not be obvious upon first view. The videos below are designed to help you visualize the bag and understand how you can best use your bag while out walking. Regardless of the way the bag was designed for use, you should choose how the pockets work best for you and use them accordingly.

How to Wear the On the Fly Jasper Swag Dog Bag

Every Jasper Swag dog walking bag comes with two straps. A waist strap, so you can wear the bag around your waist and a shoulder strap, so you can wear the bag across your body. Some people like to wear both straps at the same time, as they find it comfortable to secure the bag to their body.

How to Use the Front Pockets

There are two front pockets on the front of the On the Fly Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag. The main pocket is covered with a magnetic flap for easy and quick access. The pocket itself has a zipper closure. The pocket was designed to hold a bag of treats but is also great for holding keys, so they are easy to access when you are out and about. The second pocket is a slip pocket behind the main pocket. It is designed to hold a phone.

How to Use the Side Pockets

There are two different side pockets. One is a fold away pocket opening to carry a bottle of water and closing with magnets when not in use. The other is a mesh pocket that holds a bottle of water but was designed to hold the slimy ball and ball launcher. You can carry whatever you need to carry in this pocket - bear spray, bug spray, bags of poop, treats, etc.

How to Use the Poop Bag Dispenser on the Back of the Bag

On the back of the bag is the poop bag dispenser pocket. Slide a roll of poop bags into the pocket and pull the bags through the dispenser like tissues. A great way to ensure you are always prepared to clean up after your dog. Also on the back of the bag, is the slip of fabric for attaching the waist strap.

What Can You Carry in Your Jasper Swag Bag?

To get an idea of the size of the On the Fly Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag, you can fit a Mini iPad into the bag, along with your wallet, camera, tick puller and comb as well as anything else you need to carry. In addition, there is a small zipper pocket in the main compartment.

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