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On the Fly Jasper Swag Bag


  • We have a new and improved version coming very soon. Pre-orders will happen before the end of June. Please check back because the new bag is pretty cool. The On the Fly Jasper Swag Bag is a one of a kind dog walking bag. Not only is it comfortable and lightweight, it has a sporty look and is designed to stand up to all weather conditions. With lots of easy access pockets you can readily reach your gear. There is a built in poop bag dispenser and every bag comes with two straps so you can wear around your waist or across your body.

  • Mid-Size Bag - 9"h x 8"w x 3"d

    Large Enough to Carry What You Need, Comfortable to Wear

    Two Front Pockets for Treats, Phone, and Keys.

    Foldable Side Pocket Opens to Hold Water Bottle

    Mesh Side Pocket Holds Water, the Slimy Ball, Sunglasses & the Ball Launcher

    Convertible from a Waist Bag to a Cross Body Bag, Comes With Two Straps

    Built in Poop Bag Dispenser

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