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Our Story

Jasper, the Golden Doodle, and his dog mom, Tricia, love to spend time together adventuring outdoors. Tricia loves capturing Jasper’s joy and excitement in photos which she shares on Instagram @jasper_goldendoodle. Tricia struggles trying to carry everything she needs and to have her hands free for taking photos. She dislikes always having to wear a jacket, having things tied around her waist and having her pockets stuffed full.

Through an Instagram discussion group, Tricia asked people what they used to carry gear while walking their dogs. Funnily enough, there were few solutions but a clear desire for a bag to carry all the gear you need while walking your dog. The Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag was born.

Tricia set out to design the Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag using feedback from her Instagram family. She incorporates as many suggested features into the bags as possible. As a result, the Jasper Swag Bag can be worn as a cross body bag or around the waist; it is just the right size to hold just what you need while out on a jaunt; it looks great and goes from trail to town without hassle; and it is gender neutral and can be worn by anyone.

The dog walking bag has many pockets and compartments each with a purpose. There is a dog waste bag portal for easy access to bags for cleaning up after your dog; a water bottle sleeve; a ball and ball launcher sleeve; a treat pocket; a phone pocket; a zipper pocket for wallet and keys; a central pocket for a camera and anything else you might like to carry; places for the leash to hook on to the bag; and a nice clean, stylish look.

Jasper and Tricia want to encourage people to get outdoors with their dogs. They want to make it easy and convenient to go for a walk. Now you can grab your Jasper Swag Bag and head out and explore the world around you with less hassle and fuss. Just grab and go and enjoy!