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Jasper Swag Bag Mini

We are sorry to say we have completely sold out of the Mini bag. No date set for restock at this time. If you are in Canada, there are a few left on by clicking Jasper Swag Bag Mini.
  • The Jasper Swag Bag Mini Dog Treat Bag is ideal for a quick walk to the dog park or for use during a training session or agility. It carries quite a bit for a small bag: phone, keys, treats, ball, water, waste bags and even your leash.

  • Measures 7"h x 5.5"w x 3”d

    Wear Around Your Waist or Across Your Body, Every Bag Comes With Two Straps

    Built in Poop Bag Dispenser, Never Be Caught Unprepared to Clean Up After Your Dog

    Carry or Clip the Leash, Carry a Ball and Attach a Ball Tosser

    Ideal For Training, Hide the Treats But Easy Access When it is Time to Reward Good Behaviour

Just What You Need on Your Walk

The Jasper Swag Bag Mini is the perfect size for water, a ball, some treats, a clicker and your phone.

Carry a bag of poop too, until you get to the next garbage bin.

Every bag comes with a free roll of poop bags.